Tales of the Boundaries


“Humans have been telling stories about the elves for hundreds of years. Some of them are silly. Some of them are slanderous. And some of them are true.”

Charles Legris


Tales of the Boundaries is a series of fantasy novellas about what happens when this and the otherworld meet. They can be read in any order. Individual stories are published as ebooks for Kobo and Kindle, a collected paperback edition is forthcoming in 2023.




A Victorian young lady who was cursed at her christening is saved by a fairy queen, but finds herself quite insufficiently grateful…


The Ruins of Cair Nynian

A student in Oxford in the 1970s can’t forget the magical world he visited as a child, or the young king who was his best friend there…


The Keeper of Ferley Court

When he inherits a country house after the Great War, a folklorist discovers that the old stories are real, and so is the fairy’s son wandering about his woods…



In Regency England, a disgraced elf-lord gets entangled with a scion of the royal family, with unexpected repercussions a hundred years later… 


Queen Susan's Children

This prequel to The Ruins of Cair Nynian is available to read for free on Archive of Our Own