In a quiet cathedral town in the south of England Detective Inspector Owen Collins attempts to solve old mysteries and modern crimes, while trying not to let his inevitable personal involvement cloud his judgement.


A series of intelligent and engaging whodunnits, perfect for fans of Elly Griffiths or Kate Ellis. The first two novels about DI Collins are now available as ebook and paperback. 


The Chapter of St Cloud

When Dominic Walsingham started work on a history of St Cloud, he certainly didn't think he would need help from the police. But then, neither did DI Collins expect to consult a medieval historian on his current murder case.


St Oda’s Bones

Three decades ago a teenage boy went missing from Abbey Hill. Now his remains have been found, buried in the church of St Oda, and DI Collins finds it isn’t easy solving a murder while relying on the memories of people who would rather forget…


After St Bride

When 72-year-old Victor Farndale dies, the post mortem reveals no traces of alien substances. Has Victor simply forgotten to take his heart medication? Or is his son-in-law Matthew right to suggest that there is a plot afoot to frame him for murder?