Attwater Books is a small (very small!) English language publishing house in the Netherlands. Marcus Attwater made his first foray into publishing his own fiction in 2013. He then spent five years researching and writing a non-fiction project, resulting in the international publication of Straightforward in 2019. This was followed by several fiction titles, and in 2020 Attwater Books published the first of Rens Tienstra’s books on Gregorian Chant. In 2023 the historical romances of Ally Hastings were added to the list.

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New and upcoming titles



Unwritten Rules by Ally Hastings (March 2023)

The first book in an exciting new historical romance series, The Savages of Falcote, for fans of queer love and period detail.


Four Stories by Marcus Attwater (April 2023)

A collection of contemporary retellings of Greek myth now for the first time in paperback (and with a new cover for the epub).


Unvarnished Truths by Ally Hastings (April 2023)

A short story set during the latter part of Unwritten Rules, featuring the dandy Felix Hamilton.


The Dancers Under the Hill by Marcus Attwater (May 2023)

A short story in the Tales of the Boundaries series, re-imagining a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm.