You have written a book for which you know there will be readers, but you also know that this readership is too small to be of interest to a traditional publisher. Fortunately, it is easy nowadays to self-publish to a professional standard. Unfortunately, you have no idea how to go about it. Or perhaps you know exactly how to go about it, but you need someone to design a cover, or have another look at your manuscript.


Attwater Books can help with:

  • deciding on the best platform and strategy for self-publishing
  • proofreading (English only)
  • layout for epub or print book
  • cover design
  • choosing sales channels and pricing

It is possible to make use of only one or two of these services and go on to publish your work yourself, or to have the entire publishing process taken care of under the Attwater Books imprint. You will always retain the copyright and any royalties, and do your own marketing after publication. 

Attwater Books titles are currently distributed through Kindle, Kobo and BookMundo/MBS and if you want to do everything yourself these are good places to start.




Cost depends on the length and complexity of your manuscript, and the following prices are only an indication. Please use the contact form for more information or to request a quote. All services are available in the Netherlands only.

  • proofreading - starts at €50, then €25 per 10000 words
  • layout epub - starts at €25, then €12.50 per 10000 words
  • layout print - starts at €50, then €25 per 10000 words
  • cover epub - from €120
  • cover print - from €150
  • self-publishing advice - from €50

The price of the complete publishing package typically lies between €500 and €800.