The fascination with myth and folktale used to serious purpose in Straightforward finds more imaginative expression in these retellings and fantasies. The short story The Fall of Achilles is available to read for free with Kobo.


The Gift

There is a book without a title, not secret, but hidden. Those who know about it just call it The Book, and pass it quietly from hand to hand. It was there from the very beginning, and they say it contains the story history forgot...


When Jake first meets his fellow student Noah Rosenthal he makes a rash promise: to tell him the forgotten story. But he has never written anything like this before, and he has only ten days to do it in. So will The Book be ready to be handed over on Noah's birthday?


The contemporary part of this story takes place after the events in St Oda's Bones. 


Four Stories

This collection transposes classical myth to an early twenty-first-century setting, dealing with different kinds of brothers and different kinds of love: Apollo and Hermes, Castor and Pollux, Orestes and Pylades, Alexander and Hephaistion all encounter difficulties their old archetypes never had to worry about…



Inspired by the fortuitous discovery of an earlier attempt at reconstruction, the narrator embarks on a new examination of the evidence in the hope of rescuing from obscurity an appealing story about one of the lost boys of Greek myth.


The Fall of Achilles

Among the many prophecies about the war at Troy it was foretold that the city would not be conquered if King Priam's youngest son Troilus grew to manhood. And so it falls to the greatest of the Greek warriors to make sure that that does not come to pass...