The Secrets of Greystone House

When he was eleven years old, Jack Riley spent two golden months at Greystone House with Gwendolyn, Ian, Rory and Jamie. Seventeen years later his job as a newspaper reporter brings him back, to learn that it wasn’t just the children who kept secrets that summer. Those days just before the war were not as idyllic as they seemed, and instead of writing about the discovery of an Iron Age treasure hoard, Riley finds himself reporting on a murder inquiry to which his own memories may hold the key.


The Secrets of Greystone House is set in the same village as St Oda’s Bones, but some sixty years earlier.



Scottish Baronial

Yesterday Lydia Berwick-Smith’s sister was married at the Grand Hotel Radetzki. Today the emeralds she inherited from her grandmother have disappeared. Lydia’s family all think it must have been one of the hotel staff, but Detective Inspector Cameron isn’t convinced. He believes something else is going on behind the excessively decorated façade of the Radetzki…


This short story takes place around half a year after The Secrets of Greystone House.