The Secrets of Greystone House




‘Hello, what’s this? Looks like human bone.’

‘Nonsense,’ the professor says, ‘Bone lasts no time at all in this soil. It must be a recent sheep skeleton.’

‘It does look human, sir,’ Summers puts in.

‘We’d better photograph this,’ Pole says, in an odd voice.

Summers fetches the camera. ‘Get out of the way will you, Riley.’

Pole sits back on his haunches, pointing with his trowel. ‘He’s been shot. Look at the damage to that rib.’




When he was eleven years old, Jack Riley spent two golden months at Greystone House with Gwendolyn, Ian, Rory and Jamie. Seventeen years later his job as a newspaper reporter brings him back, to learn that it wasn’t just the children who kept secrets that summer. Those days just before the war were not as idyllic as they seemed, and instead of writing about the discovery of an Iron Age treasure hoard, Riley finds himself reporting on a murder inquiry to which his own memories may hold the key.


The Secrets of Greystone is available as paperback and e-book

DI Collins Mysteries


The Chapter of St Cloud and St Oda's Bones are the first two mysteries in a series of four. If all goes well they will be followed by After St Bride and All Saints. Although they are not part of the sequence, The Gift (see here) is set between books two and three and The Secrets of Greystone House shares the setting, but takes place in 1938 and 1955.



The Chapter of St Cloud

An old religious order, a dangerous new drug…

When Dominic started work on a history of St Cloud, he certainly didn't think he would need help from the police. But then, neither did DI Collins expect to consult a medieval historian on his current murder case.


Available as paperback and e-book


St Oda's Bones

What happened to Kester Johnson?

Three decades ago a teenage boy went missing from Abbey Hill. Now his remains have been found, buried in the church of St Oda, and DI Collins finds it isn’t easy solving a murder while relying on the memories of people who would rather forget…


Available as paperback and e-book