The Histories of Claybrooke


The lives of Ann, a maidservant, and Frederick, the son of an earl, should be entirely separate. But there are always cross-currents at work beneath the politesse of eighteenth-century society which link the different parts of 'the big house' - from the village children to visiting royalty - and which mean that from childhood to old age, their lives are inevitably entwined.


The Histories of Claybrooke is a series of short stories and novellas about the Earls of Claybrooke and their family at various points in history, focusing on social and gender expectations – and subversions.


Ann & Frederick, a novella about life at Blakewold Manor in the eighteenth century, is available as e-book.  Edward & Cat, about a scion of the family who falls in with an acting company in Shakespeare’s time, is planned for 2023.

The Gift


There is a book without a title, not secret, but hidden. Those who know about it just call it The Book, and pass it quietly from hand to hand. It was there from the very beginning, and they say it contains the story history forgot...

When Jake first meets his fellow student Noah Rosenthal he makes a rash promise: to tell him the forgotten story. But he has never written anything like this before, and he has only ten days to do it in. So will The Book be ready to be handed over on Noah's birthday?


The Gift is available in paperback from the publisher