Queen Susan's Children


Twenty years after the events of The Silver Chair, James and Alison Hastings find themselves in the Wood between the Worlds in the company of a runaway prince. Lyrian thinks he has only been away for a day or two, but when he returns to Cair Paravel with James and Alison nearly a year has passed. His father King Rilian has died, and he is taken for an impostor by the regent Arvaroz. Only his younger sister Belisa is convinced Lyrian is the real prince, while everyone else appears to be under a strange spell. All is not well in Narnia, and the four children will need all their courage and ingenuity to end the enchantment and put the rightful heir on the throne.


As a child I used to dream that there were more books to be discovered in C.S. Lewis's  Chronicles of Narnia. But it never happened, and when I became a writer I realised there was something I could do about that...


Queen Susan's Children is available to read for free on AO3 and Sweek, with a new chapter every Friday.


The Lightmakers of Mereddeem


A thousand years ago the people of Mereddeem made a terrible mistake. They ceased to honour the gods. They disbanded the priesthoods, did away with prayer and sacrifice, neglected the great festivals and let their temples fall into ruin. The gods were so angered by this that they plunged the country into a perpetual darkness. After the panic subsided and the reality sank in, the lightmakers came into their own. Over the centuries they developed their skills until Mereddeem hardly felt at a disadvantage compared to its sunlit neighbours. Life went on.

Twenty-five years ago, Elenni of the lightmakers made a mistake of her own. Instead of accepting the proposal of one of her many suitors and putting her talent to good use in the halls of Vesghi, she ran away to the city with a famous charioteer...


In three books The Lightmakers of Mereddeem will follow the adventures of Elenni’s son Faidhu as he sets out to bring back the light and restore the relationship between mortal and immortal. But to make things right he first needs to find out what exactly went wrong all those years ago, and there are few people now who know anything about the gods. Menennzi is one of those people, and from her enclosed community of scholars she determines to help Faidhu end a thousand-year estrangement.